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How to Promote Your Restaurant Through Its Website

Because of the economy being all over the place at the moment, it is now more important than ever to use your website as a tool to get new business. Because of this, many restaurant owners are now looking to expand their presence on the web rather than use it merely as a source for a menu or opening times. So how can you promote a restaurant online? Before I begin, you could maybe consider a couple of the following points to convert those web visitors into bookings:

  • Is there something special you can ‘push’ about your restaurant?
  • Are you able to offer discounts on orders found from the web?

You will need to decide which keywords you wish to be coming up for in searches. For example, ‘Italian restaurant’ is going to be far too vague if you’ve only got one premises. Maybe ‘Italian restaurant Sussex’ may be more fitting. (The county appended to the end is a commonly used search for local businesses). Of course, if you’re a national business, then you may wish to be appearing at the top for ‘Italian restaurant’. OK, let’s say for arguments sake you chose ‘Italian restaurant’ as your main search term. In reality, you would usually choose two or three keywords. Search engine optimisation is a term for collectively carrying out the following tasks, to get to the top for your chosen search term may however require working harder than some other keywords depending on the competition. This next stage is divided into two stages, on-site and off-site optimisation. This is by no means a comprehensive list but should get you off the ground at least.

On-Site Optimisation

OK, I’m going to summarise with bullet points here – in the previous example of ‘italian restaurant’ on-site optimisation would involve:

  • Sufficient use of H1 tags – with the keyword ‘Italian restaurant’ in there. (Basically you want a relative heading which makes use of H1)
  • Ensuring the
  • Ensuring the webpages load quickly – even it today’s modern era – if it’s taking too long, the Googlebot will leave without indexing any further.
  • Create a page specifically for the term ‘italian restaurant’ with ‘Italian-restaurant’ in the url. It might be index.php?p=Italian-restaurant, it might be Italian-restaurant.html depending on your setup.
  • Now with some good thinking, fill the Italian-restaurant page with plenty of text about Italian restaurants. Obviously as a business, I expect you don’t want to publicise other businesses – so why not do a page on the history of Italian restaurants?

Off-Site Optimisation

Now comes the tricky part! Google gives each webpage a value, for the purposes of example, let’s say your rank value is 1, your opponents rank value is 4. If you’re both competing for the same keyword, your opponent will rank higher as they’ve got a higher rank value for that keyword. To increase this rank value for your site, you need to build links to your website from relevant websites. Surprisingly, this process has been given the term ‘link building’. So how do you build links? Today, I will just explain the legitimate, what we call ‘White Hat’ techniques for building links to your site.

  • Setup a signature link on any forums you post on.
  • Submit yourself to as many web directories (manually – avoid auto submissions).
  • Find ‘eat out guides’ and submit yourself to as many as possible.
  • Find review sites, submit yourself for a review.
  • If you regularly visit blogs always leave a comment with your URL.

One last thing to note – when you’re building links try to always include the term ‘Italian Restaurant’ in your anchor text. For example, this may involve submitting yourself to directories with the name of ‘Angelos Italian Restaurant’ in order for you to get the relevant anchor text. Remember – with blogs, only comment if you feel you can add something of value to the discussion – and at least read the blog – that is somebody’s website so don’t be rude! So there it is – some site promotion tips, this should be enough to get you started at least. I wish you much luck in the promotion of your business.

Home Based Business – Changing and Applying Your Knowledge Into Action

Home based business requires you to change and apply your knowledge into action. Action that requires hard work, dedication, a positive mindset and a commitment to making your business successful. Can you turn your knowledge into reality? The information below should help you to answer that question.Suppose that you are working for an organization and you are not satisfied for whatever reason. Generally, that can be attributed to the fact that you feel that your knowledge and abilities are not being put to an optimum use. Waking up each morning and dreading going to work makes you feel sick in your stomach because of your frustrations and lack of appreciation. While at work you be come a clock watcher just waiting for quitting time so that your can rush to clock out. You dread each and every second you have to remain on the job and time simply drags painfully and slowly on.You constantly keep asking yourself,” Why am I doing this?” and you end up appeasing yourself by telling yourself that you don’t have any other choice. After all, you need the money to live on and to support your family and your meager lifestyle. You can’t afford to quit and look for a new, better paying job and you don’t have the energy to work two jobs at the same time at the expense of ruining your family life. Right?You need to ask yourself “Do you really feel that you need to be limiting your dreams and income potential in such a manner?” Come on, get real! If you are going to succeed, you need to change your attitude and make the decision today that you are going to find a way to use your skills, talents and knowledge to your advantage by starting a business from home.Think about it. With your special abilities, you can achieve what you want by utilizing your knowledge and skills on finding a “niche” home business that not only make working fun but lucrative at the same time. What are your hobbies? What do you have a passion for? These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself when you try to identify your niche. Answering these questions and identifying a niche where you can change your knowledge into action is key to turning it into a productive home based business.Your knowledge needs to be closely related to your passions because if you are passionate about your new business then you will enjoy your work and therefore, have a much better chance of success.To be successful, you need to have a dream and a set of written goals which gives you a road map to achieving your dreams. Without setting your goals in writing, you are like a ship at sea without a rudder and bound to flounder on the rocks. You need to realize that your dreams can be realized depending upon how much dedication and passion you put into managing your business.Assess your knowledge and skills: Here are some additional thoughts that you need to think about when considering a home business.Will applying your knowledge and skills to a home business fulfill your dreams? Will your unique service or product be sellable and become popular? Who is your market? What is the best time of the year to sell your product or service? What regulations will affect my business? Will I need a license or permit? These are just a few of the questions you need to be asking yourself.If you can answer these and other related questions to your satisfaction and comfort level, then you can assume at this point, that you are well suited for a home based business. However, you need to be aware that you will need to use good business practices to manage your business and if necessary, you will want to get some additional training either through the Affiliate Program which you are involved with or through your local community college, or etc. When choosing your niche market and product or service, you will be well advised to choose a company that provides you free online training to support your knowledge and skills.Market Research: During startup, you will need to conduct intensive research about your market and your competition. Try to analyze what they do to build their reputation in the market. Success attracts success and learning from the actions of successful people is an excellent idea.However, don’t become known as a copycat. Modify what you see others doing and apply the technique, but don’t use exactly the same verbiage and style. You want your work and marketing to be unique and fresh to attract potential customers. You need to learn the good points from other marketers work, yet be innovative when you implement them into your marketing plan. People are always looking for something new. Therefore, your approach needs to exhibit your own personal style and uniqueness.Try to identify your target market and make sure that your marketing and promotions are directed exclusively towards them. The methodology which you utilize to sell and to promote your product will depend entirely upon the quality of your product and/or service and your knowledge about them.Make a business plan: A good way to determine if your knowledge can be turned into a profit-making proposition is by mapping out a full-fledged home based business plan. A business plan will include all the financial forecasts, investments, funds, the gestation period for the business, income generation and forecasts. Your business plan needs to be a living document. By that I mean that you need to check it daily to make sure that all of your efforts are helping your to reach your goals. If not, then you need to modify them so that they keep your business focused on success.Are you mentally and physically ready for business? You will nee to assess your personal skills, attitude, health, family support and other related personal attributes to determine if you really are mentally and physically ready for a home business of your own. Your determination, knowledge of managerial and administrative strategies will determine the growth of your businessDecide how much time you can devote: You need to decide on how much time you will be able to devote to your business. Applying knowledge into action to earn profits requires devotion and commitment. A full-fledged business is like a baby, which needs constant nurturing. You will find yourself putting in long hard hours when you first start and as you grow your business, your time commitment may decrease. However, keep in mind that you and you alone are responsible for your business success and therefore, you need to make a commitment to put in as much time as it takes to get it off the ground and to maintain it if you want your business to succeed.Find an innovative business angle: Just because you currently possess some knowledge and/or skills applicable to your business that does not mean that your business will flourish. You will need to constantly learn new techniques and processes that apply to your business in order to gain maximum benefits.You need to remember that it is very important to set goals for your business. Knowledge and skills related to your passion motivates you into action and will add to your advantage of making a success of your home based business.

Advantages of Being in the Home Based Business Industry

Running a home-based business offers many advantages to the entrepreneur. First and foremost is the fact that self-employment is the only true form of employment security. With over 5.7 million people currently unemployed and millions more projected to join their ranks over the next 18 months, employment security is a critical consideration. The self-employed entrepreneur never has to worry about being laid-off, fired, or downsized.Probably equally as important is the quality of life that flows to the home based business person. Many aspects of corporate America simply cease to exist when the entrepreneur is able to work from the comfort of their own home. Grueling, frustrating, and stressful commutes are completely eliminated immediately, along with all of the costs associated with them. Since all meals are consumed at home, the cost of simple groceries replaces the cost of eating in restaurants and commercial eateries. Many home-based entrepreneurs choose a very comfortable form of attire when working, as opposed to the suits and expensive office wardrobe one must purchase for a corporate job.If a home-based business utilizes the Internet, it’s no longer really a home-based business so much as it is an online business. As such, the Internet entrepreneur simply requires a computer, an Internet connection, and a bank account enabling them to work literally anywhere in the world. In addition to the flexibility of not being confined to an office, the home-based entrepreneur can work when they want to for as long as they want to. And because income is tied to the effort expended, work from home business people can literally write their own paychecks at whatever amount they choose.There are other benefits as well. A properly structured and set up home based business qualifies for many tax reductions under IRS tax laws. Although it is important to receive the professional advice of a CPA, home-based entrepreneurs can shave thousands of dollars off their annual tax return simply by working from their home office.Of course there are some downsides. Working from home requires tremendous discipline. It is very easy to become sidetracked or to waste time doing nonessential or non-business-related tasks. Particularly if there are family members present, they must understand that when the home-based entrepreneur is working they are effectively not home.The recession has hit many people very hard. Anyone who has already lost their job or feels they are at risk of losing it should consider a home-based business as a viable and easily implemented solution.